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Environmental Creations

by Barry Stein

With a practiced eye and great imagination, Barry Stein coaxes wood and then bronze into the shapes of wildlife, producing flamboyant bronze frogs, leaping fish, a bronze elephant mother tenderly nudging her baby, a pair of magnificent elk with antlers clashing.
Known worldwide, Barry Stein’s work can be found in galleries in England, France, Germany, China, Singapore and the U.S. Browse this site to find your own limited edition bronze sculpture by this master artist.
Barry Stein, Founder
Environmental Creations.

Human Figures

Warriors and other heroes come alive in Barry Stein’s bronze samurai and other triumphant human figures. Finely detailed, they bring alive the spirit and sense of urgency of men who became legends.

Animal Figures

Barry Stein’s exquisitely detailed wildlife bronze sculptures pay homage to the magnificent elephants, rhinoceros, gorillas and leopards that serve as his inspiration.


Explore the world of bronze sculpture in a smaller size with Barry Stein’s miniatures, also available as wine corks. Each has all the detail found in one of Barry’s larger western bronze sculptures.

Work Flow

Wood Carving

Barry’s sculpture process begins by creating his wildlife art in wood. It offers the option of more detail.

Initial Mold

The process of converting the figure into bronze begins: the making of an initial mold.

Wax Casting

The wax casting which creates the shape of the final mold into which the molten bronze is poured.

Molten Bronze

Molten bronze is poured, followed by the actual casting of the sculpture.

Painstaking polishing

It is done with or employing great care and thoroughness.


Expound the actual teachings of explorer of truth masters builder of human happiness.

Barry’s Prestigious Collection

  • The Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York City

  • The New York Hilton Hotel

  • New York Essex House

  • Hyatt Regency

  • The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

  • the Hilton Hotel in Honolulu

  • many states throughout the U.S.


  • Your frogs are so bright. Are those real frog colors?

    Frogs are a colorful bunch! As in the rest of nature, often the poison species have the most dramatic coloration. (See some examples on Wikipedia, here.) So yes, in 99% of cases, the colors of Barry’s bronze frogs are those of real frogs.

  • What process is used to create your bronze sculptures?

    Barry Stein’s bronze sculptures are created using the lost wax casting method. (Read about it here on Wikipedia, or watch an explanatory video from a bronze foundry here.) Unlike most bronze sculptors, though, Barry begins by creating his figures in wood rather than wax or clay, because wood yields finer detail.

  • Do you create sculptures on commission?

    Yes, all the time! Contact Barry to discuss the project you have in mind.

  • Bronze dragonflyHow are your sculptures shipped? How are they protected in transit?

    Barry’s frogs and other small sculptures are wrapped in foam and biodegradable packing peanuts, and shipped UPS. Large sculptures are protected in crates built specifically to protect each sculpture. The crates are created from 2″x 2″ or 2″ x 4″ lumber and plywood, which is cushioned and wrapped with foam, so the crate and its contents are secure even if turned over. Shipment is made via UPS. And of course, all sculptures are sent insured.

  • What is the charge for shipping?

    All sculptures ship free! There is no additional cost, even for large sculptures with complex packing requirements.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    Barry wants you to be not just satisfied but completely delighted. Should you be dissatisfied with any purchase, you may return it within 30 days for credit toward any other of Barry’s works. Barry also assumes complete responsibility for any damage that may occur in transit. If a sculpture arrives damaged, simply contact Barry and he will take care of the necessary repair or replacement.

  • Still have a question?

    Contact Barry Stein toll-free at (800) 695-4388 or phone/FAX (541) 988-0590, or e-mail him at: barrystein@msn.com.

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